The British Dam Society
Caring for dams, people and the environment
7th - 10th September 2016 

About the Conference

The 2016 BDS Conference will be held at Lancaster University. The conference will commence with arrivals in the afternoon/evening of Wednesday 7th September. On Thursday 8th September there will be presentations of technical papers, the Geoffrey Binnie Lecture to be presented by Dr Peter Mason, and the Conference Dinner at the university.

Friday 9th September will be devoted to technical papers until mid-morning followed by visits to dams and water infrastructure in the surrounding area. There will be further presentations of technical papers on the morning of Saturday 6th September with the Conference concluding at lunchtime. There will be a trade exhibition in the refreshments area for the duration of the conference. A full accompanying persons’ programme in and around the Lancaster area has also been arranged.

The main theme of the conference will be on how the benefits and disbenefits of dam construction and operation can be balanced, how to ensure that dams are assets rather than liabilities, and will cover a wide range of topics.


Back to topSubmission of Papers

Papers are invited to cover the following topics:

  • Legislation changes - throughout the UK.
  • Environmental aspects – minimising constraints and maximising opportunities.
  • Mechanical and electrical components of dams.
  • Incidents affecting the safety of dams.
  • Geotechnical investigations and design impacts.
  • Risk analyses – minimising the liabilities.
  • Construction case studies.
  • Efficiency in monitoring and surveillance.
  • Cost-effective maintenance and repairs.
  • Discontinuance of existing reservoirs.
  • Operating procedures for ensuring reservoir safety.

Authors wishing to prepare papers or short technical notes are invited to submit their synopses of not more than 250 words to Andrew Pepper, the BDS Honorary Technical Secretary, by e-mail on

Information should include the provisional title of the paper, author’s name, address, telephone and e-mail address.  Receipt of your synopsis will be acknowledged.

Synopses should be submitted by 20th November 2015

Authors will be informed of whether their synopsis has been accepted by 21st December 2015

Completed papers will be required by 11th March 2016